Dangerous hand tools – safety course

Our safety course in the use of dangerous hand tools meets the requirements for documented training in accordance with Regulations on the execution of work §10-2, Regulations on organisation, management and participation, and the Internal Control Regulations.

The course gives you a basic understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to those who must use dangerous hand tools, as well as those who must manage work with such equipment. It deals with the general use of different types of tools, the dangers that the tools may entail, as well as how to proceed in relation to maintenance and control. The course goes through in detail the different types of personal protective equipment that are required and why these should be used.


  • Legislation
  • General information about work equipment
  • Saws
  • Pistols
  • Angle grinders
  • Drill and drilling machine
  • First aid

The online course is flexible and practical – and gives you the opportunity to take the course in a way that suits you. You are welcome to divide the course into several parts, so that this suits your situation best. By documenting practice, together with theoretical review in the course, it satisfies the requirements for documented training.

To receive a certificate of competence, the following must be approved:

  • The theoretical exam is passed in the course
  • Documentation of practical training is submitted

Documents for completion are provided in the course.

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