Scaffold builder course 2-9 m

Scaffolding course 2-9 m is in accordance with the requirements in the regulations on the performance of work § 17-3.

Everyone who is to use, build, dismantle or control scaffolding over 2 m (platform height) must have documented theoretical and practical training.

The online scaffolding course is a quality-assured 15-hour theory course in scaffolding construction. You can complete the online course whenever and wherever you want, as long as there is internet access. Do you want to know more about how to complete our courses? Click here.

During the scaffolding course, you will be introduced to the various responsibilities you can find in connection with a scaffolding. The online course will give you an insight into all relevant laws and regulations, with a special focus on the Working Environment Act and Regulations on the performance of work. Furthermore, you will gain a simple insight into scaffolding theory. You will also get a general introduction to the installation of scaffolding, as well as a general introduction to the installation of the various types of scaffolding. Including; mobile scaffolds, system scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, tube and coupler scaffolds, wooden scaffolds and trestle scaffolds. As with all our courses, you will finally get a review of first aid and how to act during emergencies.

If in the future you intend to install scaffolding that is higher than nine meters, or is outside the standard installation, this course is not sufficient. You can then take the scaffold builder course. If you can not imagine working with scaffolding that is higher than five meters, the scaffolding course for 2 to 5 meters will be sufficient.

The online course consists of pictures, audio, video and assignments along the way. There will be a final exam that you must pass to pass the course. Upon completion of the course, a course certificate is issued.

In order to obtain a certificate for installing scaffolding from 2 to 9 meters, you must also document at least 15 hours of practical training in the use of scaffolding.

Documents of completion are given in the course.

Course length: 15 hours

The scaffolding course is available in Norwegian, English, Lithuanian and Polish.

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