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Instant started its business in 1973 under the name Vectur aluminum scaffolding. The largest business area was the sale of Instant scaffolding, UpRight platforms and Hercules lifts. The company changed its name to Instant Norge AS in 1985. Instant is today a rapidly growing company consisting of several companies, and is located in 4 countries: Norway (Instant Norge AS), Lithuania (Instant Lietuva UAB, Instant Business Services UAB), Estonia (Instant Eesti OÜ) and Latvia (Instant Latvia SIA). We have a head office with a warehouse in Vestby and branch offices with a warehouse in Bergen and Trondheim.

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Everything you need in height in one place

One of our strengths is our wide range of products: scaffolding, lifts, material handling, construction fences, glass lifts and training. We offer complete “after sales” maintenance, such as service, annual inspection and spare parts. This helps us offer good solutions and saves the customer’s time. We are valued for our strong focus on product quality and the ability to offer our products at a reasonable price. By working directly with different manufacturers, we ensure quality and fast delivery to our customers.

Experience and knowledge are our strength

A wide selection of products and our experience from more than 40 years on the Norwegian market enable us to meet the needs of many different customers. We are proud to have Norway’s leading rental shops, large public agencies and a number of contractors and craft businesses as our satisfied and loyal customers. Our customers appreciate our personal contact, fast delivery and reliability. Our experience and knowledge have helped us to choose the best suppliers and offer high quality certified products at good value for money.


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We offer a wide range of products and services that cover most needs.

We want to be available to our customers and assist with our expertise. If you need further information, have a project or have any questions, you are most welcome to contact us.

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