UpRight500 wide – 10m working height

Working height: 4 m
Platform height: 2 m
Length: 2,5 m
Width: 1,43 m

Permitted load 200kg / m2 (load class 3)
Maximum load per scaffolding: 720 kg.

UpRight 500 is a wheelchair scaffolding for you who want a little extra space to work on and who are looking for quality at a favorable price. The scaffolding has a 50cm step distance and there is an integrated ladder in the frames for access to the various levels. The joints are welded. With this scaffolding you will have the opportunity to reach most areas at home. The scaffolding is easy to assemble / disassemble, as well as to transport.

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4 pcs wheels with leg adjustment
2 pcs Vertical frame 2m height, double width 1.43m
2 railings
2 pcs Platform w / hatch
4 pcs Diagonal struts
6 pcs Horizontal struts
1 baseboard complete


Working height 4 m
Railing height: 3 m
Platform height 2 m





Weight 136 kg
Dimensions 270 × 143 × 50 cm

Some brief facts:
• Load class 3. Max. load 200 kg per sqm. Maximum 720kg on the entire scaffolding.
• Max. working height freestanding: Wide 14m working height / Narrow 10m working height.
• Scaffolding width, 0.82m (single width) and 1.43m (double width)
Scaffolding length: 2.5 m
• All vertical frames can be used with leg adjustment and wheels / footplates
• Low dead weight, quick assembly / disassembly without the use of tools
• Great flexibility in e.g. installation in stairwells, auditoriums, cinemas and theater halls etc