Snow removal ramp

Snow and ice in the chapel on lorries can pose a major traffic safety risk. In order to be able to remove snow and ice in an efficient way, we supply snow removal ramps.

This is a scaffolding with a stair section, frames and railings that the truck / bus can park next to. It will then be easy and safe for the driver to step up onto the structure and remove dangerous ice and snow. The snow removal ramp can be built as a free-standing unit, but there are also possibilities to mount it to a wall.

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Scaffolding length options

3,07m / 6,14m / 9,21m / 12,28m

Total length included stair section

7,56m / 10,00m / 13,10m / 16,28m

Working height

5 – 5,5m

The length of each section is 3.07m. Normal length varies in length between 6.14m to 12.28m. Maximum height on the upper platform is 3.0 – 3.5 meters (incl. Height adjustment on leg adjustment). Working height 5 – 5.5 meters.