Instant Snappy with railings – 4m working height

Working height 4 m
Platform height 1.98 m
Length 2 m
Width 0.74 m

Instant Snappy is the ideal light scaffolding for indoor installation and maintenance work. The scaffolding is mounted in just a few seconds and has no loose stays. Diagonal struts lock automatically and guarantee full safety. Instant Snappy is a collapsible base section that can be easily extended with standard Instant Span equipment.

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1 piece Instant folding scaffolding basic section with platform
2 railings
4 pcs Horizontal braces
4 pcs Locking clips


Working height 4m
Platform height 2m





Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 200 × 80 × 50 cm

Instant Snappy are lightweight, robust tower scaffolding, designed for easy installation without tools. The scaffolding consists of vertical frames with a step distance of 30 cm and has non-slip steps that are approved as access ladders. The scaffolding is characterized by the unique joints under the name Rib-Grip® which make the scaffolding very robust and guarantee a long service life.

Instant aluminum scaffolding is produced by Instant UpRight, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of rolling, tower and special scaffolding in aluminum. Production started in 1947 and has been continuously represented on the Norwegian market since 1973. Instant scaffolding is only produced from first-class raw materials, e.g. aluminum corresponding to the requirements of the aviation industry. A very comprehensive final inspection is carried out before the product leaves the factory.

The instant scaffolding is easily characterized by the very special joints under the name Rib-Grip®, a technique that was developed by the manufacturer’s engineers as early as 1966. In short, this means that welding is avoided by cold-pressing load-bearing structures and squeezing them under high pressure. A number of independent tests have shown that this production technique provides superior strength and durability. Rib-Grip® joints have a 10-year warranty.

Some brief facts:
• Load class 3. Max. load 200 kg per sqm. Max. load per scaffold 360 kg
• Scaffolding width, 0,74m
• Scaffolding length: 2,0m
• Rib-Grip® joints of load-bearing structures
• Basic section is collapsible
• Low dead weight, quick assembly / disassembly without the use of tools