Scaffolding trailer with 157m2 scaffolding package


Package solution on scaffolding trailer:
Gable package (56sqm) + Long side (101sqm)

Specification gable package:
Working height: 6 / 8m
Platform height: 4 / 6m
Scaffolding length: 9,21m
Number of sections length: 3
Number of sections height: 2 / 3 / 2

Specification long side:
Working height: 6m
(6,5m when using leg adjustments)
Platform height: 4m
Scaffolding length: 18,42m
Number of sections length: 6
Number of sections height: 2

Load class 3 (200kg/ m²)

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Sqm without leg adjustments extracted: 144 m2
Sqm with leg adjustments extracted: 157 m2

Scaffolding length:

Gable: 9,21m
Long side: 18,42m


Gable package:
Working height: 6 / 8m
Platform height: 4 / 6m

Long side:
Working height: 6m
(6.5m when using leg adjustments)
Platform height: 4m


24 pcs Vertical frame 2.0m – aluminum
06 pcs End railing top platform height
05 pcs L-frame / railing post – aluminum
04 pcs End railings other platform height
38 pcs Handrail single braces in steel
22 pcs Leg adjustment w/footplate 0,5m
14 pcs Platform standard 3.07m length – aluminum profile
05 pcs Platform w/hatch and ladder 3.07m length – aluminum profile
19 pcs Skirting board
10 pcs Skirting board end piece
07 pcs Diagonal stiffener for 3.07 m length
03 pcs Horizontal stiffener for 3.07m length
13 pcs Wall bracket 0,38m
13 pcs Coupling for wall bracket
13 pcs Eye bolt
01 pcs Scaffolding trailer – BK 2000KG (100-PL2039STI)
01 pcs Registration of trailer
02 pcs Strap band 2 tons
02 pcs Strap band 4 tons

Weight 1680 kg
Dimensions 520 × 190 × 235 cm

We deliver our Instant Blitz-Fix scaffolding packages on our own scaffolding trailer. All scaffolding parts are easily accessible and have their permanent place, and you easily have a complete overview of the parts. On the trailer there is a separate space for leg adjustments and small parts such as wall brackets etc. We deliver the trailer fully registered and straps are included for safe transportation.

Few and simple details make Instant Blitz-Fix very easy and quick to assemble/disassemble, which in turn increases efficiency and reduces costs. Instant Blitz-Fix is constructed in aluminum with very lightweight components, which contributes to minimal risk when working at height. The scaffolding system is designed with dimensions and specifications that allow the system to be used interchangeably with several other scaffolding brands. Scaffolding is type-approved with load class 3 (200kg/m2).

Instant Blitz-Fix facade scaffolding is manufactured under strict quality requirements for both raw materials and production. The scaffolding is tested and certified by the leading certification body in the EU.

The scaffolding system can be recommended for the vast majority of facade jobs. Construction work, maintenance, rehabilitation, plumbing, insulation work, carpentry, etc. The scaffolding is equally suitable for tradesmen and homeowners.

Key facts about Instant Blitz-Fix facade scaffolding:
– Type approved with load class 3 (200 kg/m2).
– Maximum platform height: 24m (without calculation)
– Base scaffolding span: 3,07m. Complete details also for scaffolding trusses: 0.50m, 0.73m, 1.09m, 1.57m, 2.07m and 2.57m
– Basic vertical frame: 2.00m x 0.73m. Equalization frames: 0.66m, 1.00m and 1.50m
– Double railings in aluminium or single railings in galvanized steel.
– Platform with aluminum square profiles and platform plate in 12mm non-slip waterproof veneer. Also available with aluminum platform plate.
– Access via platform with hatch and integrated inclined ladder or alternatively hatch and loose ladder.
– Full range of additional equipment such as external and internal brackets, mesh grids for extra protection during roof work, various types of couplings, truss girders, pedestrian passage frames, etc.