Smartlift SL 609 Outdoor HL

The Smartlift SL609 Outdoor HL is one of the most powerful models in the Smartlift portfolio with a lifting capacity of up to 600 kg. It is self-propelled and offers (like other Smartlifts) stepless movements in all parts. Due to its wide tires, this front-wheel drive machine is exceptionally useful and user-friendly, also outdoors.

The Smartlift SL609 HL has four suction cups with automatic suction and a diameter of 40 cm and a maximum lifting height of 4.15 m.

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Maximum lifting height

3,4 m

Lifting capacity inside / extended

608 / 280 kg

Machine height

1,75 m

Machine width (min)

0,83 m

Machine length (min)

2,8 m

Extension arm

0,7 m

Page offset

0,1 m

The tip from the horizontal

40˚ back / 100˚ front


Stepless high / low

Vacuum system

2 circuits

Battery charger


Integrated charger

Cetek XT

Charging time

Ca. 8 hours


24 volts (2 x 12 V)

Battery life

8 hours

Rear wheel drive

1200 W DC



Suction cups

4 x Ø400mm

Weight 930 kg
Dimensions 228 × 83 × 151 cm

The new SL609 Outdoor HL is efficient and hardworking. It saves you the cost of extra crews for installing elements such as glass, windows, granite, marble and steel, and it never needs a day off. The growing demand for triple-glazed windows and other energy-saving building elements is triggering much more heavy lifting. The compact and robust design helps you get the job done safely and efficiently.

The new 9 series incorporates years of knowledge and customer feedback.