Smartlift SL 280

Smartlift SL280 is the original and most used window lift on the market. It has received a lot of praise from users, partly because it is both practical and can be used in places with space restrictions.

This model has four suction cups with automatic suction and a diameter of 30 cm. It has a lifting capacity of 280 kg and can lift to a height of up to 2.7 m.

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Maximum lifting height

2.7 m

Lifting capacity inside / extended

280 / 160 kg

Machine height

1,52 m

Machine width (min)

0,63 m

Machine length (min)

2,17 m

Extension arm

0,5 m

Page offset

0,1 m

The tip from the horizontal

50˚ back / 50˚ front


Stepless high / low

Vacuum system

2 circuits

Battery charger


Integrated charger

Cetek XT 14000

Charging time

Ca. 8 hours


24 volts (2 x 12 V) / 2×60 Ah

Battery life

10 hours

Rear wheel drive

700 W DC



Suction cups

4 x Ø300mm

Weight 470 kg
Dimensions 140 × 73 × 132 cm