Buying scaffolding – buying guide

What is important to emphasize when going to buy new scaffolding? We have made a list of the most important checkpoints (regardless of brand) that can be useful for scaffolding buyers. Here you get a point-by-point checklist that makes it easier for you to navigate a rich flora of offers, standards and goals.


1.type of job to be performed and load class -> which type of scaffolding is best suited to solve the task (eg scaffolding, light scaffolding, etc.). When planning a scaffolding, it means that you have to build it in relation to what it will be used for and what loads it will have, ie what class it will be in. The regulations also emphasize the importance of type approval, which is control and testing of the equipment. The equipment must have been type-approved by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority or a company that has been approved by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.


2. choice of scaffolding system – within each group of scaffolding there are different types of systems. Some systems have several different suppliers (greater competition), while others are sole producers. When choosing a system, there are individual preferences for what is technically best – many also look at what others in the immediate circle use so that one can compliment each other’s equipment.


3. choice of material – steel / aluminum. Steel is cheaper than aluminum, but significantly heavier. On light scaffolding and roller scaffolding, most people choose aluminum – heavy scaffolding, so there is a lot of steel.


4. Do not be fooled by the number of square meters you are offered. There is no standard in the industry on how to calculate the number of square meters in a scaffolding solution – this is a challenge we face many times – some include full extension of leg adjustments, the working height of the person standing on the scaffolding and the like. Check the number of components you are offered.


5. choice of supplier – a bit depending on how complex the job is, but it is normal to recommend talking to someone who has expertise, good experience with scaffolding and tidy finances. Most people do a little research beforehand. We get looks and often requests from customers to complement scaffolding parts to systems that can no longer be found in the Norwegian market.


* 6.if you operate professionally – check that you have the competence to build the scaffolding. From ground level – 5 meters platform height, you need documented training in accordance with the Working Environment Act and four regulations. If you are going to build over 5 meters platform height, the «regulations on the execution of work, and the Manufacturer’s Regulations apply. Scaffolding fitter according to regulations on the performance of work § 17-2 (formerly called § 46C and § 13 courses).


nstant Norge AS sells various types of scaffolding and has many years of experience in the scaffolding industry.

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