Smartlift SL 408 Outdoor High Lifter

Smartlift SL408 Outdoor High Lifter comes with an extra telescopic arm that allows the boom to be extended as much as 600 mm. Due to its wide tires, this front-wheel drive machine is exceptionally useful and user-friendly, even outdoors.

The glass lift Smartlift SL408 Outdoor High Lifter has four suction cups with automatic suction and a diameter of 30 cm. Despite its compact design, it has a lifting capacity of 380 kg and can lift to a height of 3.8 m.

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Maximum lifting height

3.25 m

Lifting capacity inside / extended

380 / 100 kg

Machine height

1,59 m

Machine width (min)

0,82 m

Machine length (min)

2,59 m

Extension arm

0,6 m

Page offset

0,1 m

The tip from the horizontal

45˚ back / 90˚ front


Stepless high / low

Vacuum system

2 circuits

Battery charger


Integrated charger

Cetek XT

Charging time

Ca. 8 hours


24 volts (2 x 12 V)

Battery life

10 hours

Rear wheel drive

1200 W DC



Suction cups

4 x Ø300mm

Weight 680 kg
Dimensions 259 × 82 × 159 cm